Mesmerizing Real Life Characters


Bipolar to Polar

    Aren’t we all slightly bipolar or is being bipolar a real thing. I have not researched well ob the bipolar disease but I have experienced two poles drawing my attention for long and that’s the reason I liked this video very much.   Bradley Cooper feels his disease and takes his pills which […]

Damages Finale: Ambitions or Love

After a few years, patty Hewes and Ellen meet at a shop. Ellen is with her 5-7 years old daugher. Both see each other but don’t wave hi. Later on in her car patty imagined Ellen coming to thank her for making her career while in reality Ellen told her daughter that Patty was just a woman she used to work for and it is revealed that Ellen is now living with her former soldier war burnt husband, not working and taking care of her daughter only.


Patty once again chose her ambitions and Ellen love. Guess it was so easy finding love in real life for which you can leave everything.


Review: Everything, Everything

Are you a teenage girl? Or perhaps you simply have the taste in movies of one (Twilight, The Fault In Our Stars, Before I Fall)? If so, you can confidently add this movie to your lineup. For everyone else: keep moving. It ain’t bad, it’s just not that good. It’s about a young woman, Maddy […]

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