Are you sure God’s plan is worse than yours.

There lived a man, he wanted to climb the highest mountain in the world. After many years of preparation he decided to give it a go. Because he wanted to achieve glory alone, he started climbing the mountain alone.

It was cold, the night arrived, it was dark, zero visibility but he still wanted to climb. Instead of taking a halt, he kept climbing.

Suddenly, his foot slipped and he lost his control. It was a free fall, he felt the pull of gravity. In those moments of great fear, it reminded of all the good and bad things he did in his life.

He was now thinking of how close was his death, all of a sudden he felt a hard pull by a rope tied to his waist.

His body was now hanging, with only a support of rope, He cried and screamed, “Help me God. ”.

A voice came from cloud, “What do you want me to do?”

The man cried, “Save me God!”

The voice came, “Will you do as I say?”

The man cried, “Yes anything, Please save me.”

The voice came, “Cut the rope tied on your waist.”

The man did not cut the rope and held it by all his strength.

Next morning when the rescue team arrived, it said that the climber was dead and frozen, he was holding on his rope which was frozen,

Only six feet above ground!

So, how attached are you with your rope? Will you let go?

**To let come new and better things, let go of the old.**


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