I only thought of Jenny.


Trust her she is gone long before she has said it to you

Even Boyd Crowder chose to trust Ava against his better judgement and lost all his money, went to prison and was shot by Ava. Same happened to Avery Markham, who after having sufficient proofs including a confession by his lover herself, choose to trust her and lost all his money and his life. When a woman starts acting strangely, trust her she is gone long before she has said it to you.




Then I reflect back on everything and realize you were never mine in the first place.

What I fail to understand is why did you make me fall for you when you weren’t even going to be there to catch me? Why did you go all in, say all those words, make me believe that you were actually in love with me?

via I Understand Now That You Were Never Mine In The First Place — Thought Catalog