Creating automatic epubs from your google docs

Recently, I had been writing for 3-4 years now, mostly for myself using SIGIL to write epub for myself. Sigil is good but somehow I was finding it’s not completely automatic to create backups of the book.


I started writing in google docs and then transferring google docs to wordpress posts using add-on and later converting wordpress posts to epubs using BLOXP or ZINEPAL.

Other available ways I found were to create using softwares.


or via plugins but plugins cost you


or using python



Publish your google docs to wordpress by AUTOMATIC’s add-on and then use BLOXP  to convert your dynamic book to epub. This way your book is always online and you can always edit it and print a furnished/semi-unfurnished book out of it. Only problem remaining is you need to unhide your private pages before BLOXP and hide them again after printing.