Justified Finale Highlights

  1. Art offered Raylan a goodbye drink but didn’t bother to finish it calmly, was too busy to pick up to the new call.
  2. Tim and Rachel just wave good-byes.
  3. An acquaintance waved good-bye to Raylan telling him he will miss Raylan to which Raylan replied no you won’t.
  4. Winnona had already remarried and said Raylan was most stubborn man she ever met while earlier she said Raylan was the angriest man she ever knew. Raylan corrected her but she didn’t remember her first comment meaning Raylan didn’t matter a bit to her.
  5. Boyd Crowder was shown sharp but somehow confused or acting like he really understood brotherhood.
  6. Raylan still was good to Ava and came back to visit Boyd in the Harlan county Prison to save Boyd’s son and Ava from Boyd.
  7. Ava named her son Zachariah on her uncle because he was the only man who only gave her and never wanted anything from her.
  8. It was just work for Raylan, self-love for Boyd, shelter of Bowman/Raylan/Boyd for Ava and finally her decision to live alone taking care of her son and for Winona it was just one man after another.

Boyd Crowder and Nick “Nicky” Augustine in s4 were the only two men more intelligent than Raylan

The most important central theme in justified throughout the series was use of intelligence before the violent. Raylan Givens will never shoot first but will provoke his opponent well enough to shoot first and then he himself had championed fast shooting so well that even Boon in the s6e13 finale episode lost to Raylan by femto-seconds. Still Boyd Crowder and Nick “Nicky” Augustine in s4 were the only two men who understood and had the patience not to raise their weapon in front of Raylan rendering Raylan helpless in shooting them.


Trust her she is gone long before she has said it to you

Even Boyd Crowder chose to trust Ava against his better judgement and lost all his money, went to prison and was shot by Ava. Same happened to Avery Markham, who after having sufficient proofs including a confession by his lover herself, choose to trust her and lost all his money and his life. When a woman starts acting strangely, trust her she is gone long before she has said it to you.